Bail Plea

Bail plea of rape accused to be heard

COIMBATORE: The bail plea of two students of Amrita School of Engineering at Ettimadai who face charges of raping a 19-year-old girl from the School of Mass Communication on the same campus is expected to come up for hearing at the district sessions court here on Friday. Police confirmed that the accused would be brought to the court complex on Friday morning for the hearing.

Police, however, added they would object to the bail petition citing that full recovery of evidence is still pending as the cyber reports concerning the seized mobile phones and computer hard disks recovered from the hostel rooms of the accused are still awaited from Chennai.

The accused, brothers from Kozhikode in Kerala, face charges of raping their campus colleague after luring and spiking her drink at a private apartment near KK Pudur on February 23. The incident, however, came to light only on March 1, after the rape survivor’s family members arrived with police at the institute. Police arrested one of the brothers, Akhil Suryakiron, the same day and took his brother, Athul Suryakiron, into custody on March 3. The brothers had videographed their crime, according to police.

The girl, who was since taken to Dubai by her parents for medical treatment, had lost her speech and was stammering after the incident, told . When contacted on Thursday, she told TOI on Thursday that she was yet to fully recover from the shock and was undergoing treatment for post traumatic stress disorder in Dubai where her parents are based. It may take at least two more months for her to regain full control of her speech. The accused have been lodged at Borstal school in Pollachi since both are under 21 years of age. The case was registered at Thudiyalur All Women Police Station.

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