Exclusive bins to collect water bottles, soft drink containers

Bins that look like big kennels are the latest from the Coimbatore Corporation in its fight against plastic waste. According to the sources, the civic body has readied five bins to be placed at bus stands and areas where people would gather – the Gandhipuram bus stand, Singanallur bus stand, Vadavalli bus terminus, near Railway Junction and at another place.

These bins will be for people to dump water bottles and soft drink containers. Once the bins reach its full capacity, the Corporation would ask the agency or agencies contracted to clear the bins. These agencies will also have to maintain the bins.

Though the Corporation had not finalised the agency, it was in the process of talking to a few organisations that would use the waste to recycle.

The sources said that this was part of the Corporation’s move that started with the segregation project to improve waste management. In Ward 23, the Corporation had asked residents to segregate waste by giving them a bin and bag each to segregate wet and dry waste respectively.

The Corporation followed it up by educating the residents and later rewarding a few for scrupulously segregating waste and cooperating with the Corporation.

Now, the Corporation was in the process of engaging commercial establishments in R.S. Puram. It had given them big bins and bags to segregate the waste, which would be collected by conservancy workers.

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