Ooty Rose Show 2014

Ooty flower show likely to be postponed by a week

The 2014 Annual Flower Show is likely to be put off by a week, according to Satyabrata Sahoo, Commissioner of Horticulture and Plantation Crops. Speaking to The Hindu at the Government Botanical

Garden (GBG), the venue of the event here on Saturday, he said that conventionally it coincides with the third weekend of May. However, since the election process will not be over by then and the counting of votes is scheduled to take place on May 16,it has been proposed the hold the show on May 23,24 and 25.

Stating that the proposed postponement is only on security grounds, he said that will not affect the quality of the show.

Pointing out efforts are on to add something novel, he said that four or five proposals are under consideration. As usual 15,000 pots with a variety of flowers would be displayed in the galleries. The civil works inside the garden like laying of footpaths were almost over.

Arrangements for private garden competitions would commence soon.

He added that in consultation with the election authorities the dates of the other shows like the Rose Show at the Government Rose Garden (GRG) here, the Vegetable Show at the Nehru Park in Kotagiri, the Spices Show at Gudalur and the Fruit Show at the Sim’s Park in Coonoor will be finalised.

To a query, he said that except the Flower Show all the other shows are not in need of heavy security.

Pointing out that arrangement for all the shows are apace, he said that though rainfall has been inadequate so far this year, the plants have not been affected.

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