Power cut hits students

Long hours of power cut are back in several parts of Coimbatore district for the last two days.

Sources say load shedding in the city is for four hours a day and in rural areas for seven hours.

The drop in wind energy generation in evening hours and increase in demand especially during the evening and night hours has resulted in longer hours of power cut for the last two days. Further, power supply has to be maintained in examination centres in the district and load shedding has to be increased in areas that do not have the centres. The situation is expected to improve in a couple of days.

According to data available on the website of Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation, load shedding in the State on Saturday morning was 1,596 MW and 1,389 MW on Friday morning. Wind energy generation was nil on Saturday morning.

Some of the micro unit owners here say that they are hit as orders have dropped completely for most of the units. Further, they are facing long hours of power cut. Earlier, industrial feeders had a schedule for power cut. Load shedding during the last two days is not according to the schedule.

A bank employee in Coimbatore says that consumers, be it domestic, industrial or commercial, are affected since they are unaware of the load shedding schedule. There was power cut on Friday night too. Students who are studying for the board examinations are hit when there is power cut in the evening and night hours.

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