Special classes: parents, students feel the heat

The special classes being held by private schools for students of Standard X and Plus-Two this summer is causing several difficulties for both parents and students.

The special classes began in some schools immediately after the Plus-One annual examinations on March 28.

A parent says that the special classes began on April 1 itself for his daughter leaving little time to rest after the end of the academic year. This left little time for the parent to plan the summer vacation. The classes have a punishing schedule as its timings are from 8am to 5pm.

The special classes were likely to be held till May and the next academic year commences by June, As a result, the children are going to be completely worn out, the parents says .

Another parent of a Standard X student says, most schools have refused to operate buses for the special classes, owing to the lesser number of children, forcing the parents to ferry them.

Working parents find it extremely difficult to pick up the students on a daily basis. Further, some schools fail to adhere to the timings. Often, the classes got over ahead of schedule leaving students, especially the girls, in the lurch.

The intense heat during this summer was leading to dehydration among many students. Further, several students also suffered from chickenpox adding to the parents’ concern.

Several parents requested the Department of School Education to ban the practice of conducting summer classes for Plus-Two and Standard X students.

A School Education Department official told The Hindu here on Monday that there were no rules to prohibit special classes during summer holidays.

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